Kazbah, Darling Harbour

Get your tummies ready for this one, boys and girls! The Kazbah breakfast banquet is one hell of a feast. There are 8 of us overeaters here (no wait, make that 7 – one of us was sick and couldn’t make it in the end).

Warm Rice Pudding

The Warm Rice Pudding with saffron poached pear, cinnamon and hazelnuts is the by far the best of the starting dishes. But beware, it’s very creamy and very, very sweet. Which of course for most people is a godsend.

Sweet Couscous

There’s also the Sweet Couscous with nuts, dried fruits, stewed rhubarb and cardamom milk. I’m not a huge fan of this, but Nadia loves it. It’s very dry, which luckily is remedied when adding the deliciously soft rhubarb and milk. But I’d still much rather eat the rice pudding!

The sides for the couscous

The rhubarb, brown sugar and milk are also good accompaniments for the banana porridge, which I find lacks in flavour. It’s a shame though because I actually love porridge. They’re so warm and comforting.

Banana porridge

This Banana Porridge has a dollop of date compote in it. Unfortunately that’s still not enough to add much taste, but with the addition of a bit of rhubarb or brown sugar, it’s much nicer.

Lamb tagine!

The lamb tagine is a favourite around our table. A flavour sensation of feta, sucuk, spinach, roast capsicum, caramelised onion, roast tomato and eggs, this is a bowl of awesome (or “an absolute cracker” asΒ George Calombaris would say, as he bounces around on his heels while making unnecessary hand gestures).

Vegetarian tagine

Even though the vegetarian tagine is also nice, it has nowhere near as much spicy goodness as its lamb counterpart. Instead you’ll get a fresher palate that’s highlighted by pumpkin, spinach and capsicum. I have to say I’m quite impressed by the range of vegetarian offerings here.

A whole lotta eggs!

There are also scrambled and fried eggs on toast. I have to admit, however, that if you’re not a big eater, this is the dish you should avoid. You can easily make eggs at home, so stick to lamb tagines and more exotic dishes to fill your valuable stomach space.

Sides! Yum!

The sides are pretty darn awesome. The huge plattter of lamb merguez, bacon, roasted romato, hash browns and haloumi is slightly overwhelming, but oh-so-yummy. You can never go wrong with haloumi. And the potato hash browns are delish.

Bakes beans

The baked beans are also great. I always love anything with a good measure of spice, and this definitely hits the spot.


There’s also a bowl of spinach to refresh the palate. It’s quite a nice change compared to the spicy, hearty and uber-flavourful banquet items.

Roast mushrooms

Another little bowl contains roast mushrooms, which get neglected because they arrive quite late at our table.

Banana Pancake

Then it’s time for the pancakes! First there’s the banana pancake with maple syrup and double cream. The pancakes here are ridonkulous. They’re enormous and their consistency is more like a full-on cake than a fluffy pancake you’d’ be used to. Regardless, it’s delicous! But we don’t even put a dent into these pancakes.

Chocolate Pancake

Ooh yeah baby. This is the chocolate & raspberry pancake with butterscotch sauce and chocolate fudge ice cream. Chocoholics will love this. And I’m also glad that the sourness of the raspberry cuts through the super-duper chocolateyness of this dessert.

For $25, this breakfast banquet is a bargain! Unfortunately, there was a Sunday surcharge when we went. So I’d recommend going on any other day.

Also take note that drinks cost extra!


Banana smoothie

The Promenade
Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour

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