The Pie Tin, Newtown

Twix Pie

How awesome are pies? I’ll give you a hint; the answer to that question is “VERY”. And at The Pie Tin in Newtown, the awesomeness is twofold – a plethora of hearty and delicious savoury pies, plus sweet pies that will blow your mind.

Sweet options that are inspired by chocolate bars are a big thing here. There’s the Twix pie, which curiously doesn’t really remind me of a Twix. The base is made of dark chocolate biscuit, there’s a cheesecake-like layer and chunks of Twix are strewed on top. Regardless, it’s a good pie. It might just need to be renamed.

The peanut butter & chocolate pie is reminiscent of a Reese’s cup in flavour, but texturally it combines the two ingredients into one. Previously we’ve tried the Snickers pie, which also spotlights peanut butter. It’s probably the better one of the two PB pies. That layer of whipped peanut butter on top is divine.

For the kids who prefer their pies salty, try the tender steak, smoky bacon and cheddar cheese pie. We how into it with mash and crunchy coleslaw sides.

Then there’s the magnificent Malteser pie. Incredibly creamy mousse with fun Maltesers on top, this is a no-brainer pick for pie lovers. Chocolatey, rich and moreish. Oh yes.

The Brekkie pie is more like a quiche than a pie, but it’s tasty regardless. Chorizo makes everything tasty. We also have kumera mash and potato salad as sides. Both are lovely. The Boston baked beans with speck are another great side, by the way. They’re extra flavorsome because of the speck.

Another tip: I’ve tried the apple and blackberry pie on another occasion – it’s not only humungoid but also delicious!

Nadia advises against eating here if you’re watching your waistline. But you’ll be missing out on some seriously good pies.


Peanut butter & chocolate pie

Tender steak, smoky bacon & cheddar cheese pie with coleslaw and homestyle potato mash

Malteser Pie

Brekkie pie

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