Black Sesame Mug Cake

When I found a jar of black sesame spread at an Asian grocer, I knew that we’d be making something awesome with it. You’re probably aware of our mug cake obsession by now, so a black sesame mug cake is hardly surprising.

Use half of the base recipe for our mug cakes (the recipe is here) and then mix in approximately 2 tablespoons of the black sesame spread. This creates quite a strong sesame flavour, so reduce the amount if you’re so inclined. We’re not very good at estimating how much batter should go in a mug. We encountered another little glitch and the black sesame cake spilled over our small mug, much like our Friday 13th red velvet cake. So perhaps try using a bigger mug 😉

Regardless, this is probably my favourite of all the mug cakes we’ve made. That said, I’m a huge black sesame fan in general. Black sesame ice cream, black sesame glutinous rice balls… Love them all. The greyish black cake would probably turn a lot of people off, but the flavour is spot on. And I was thinking it would make for an AWESOME Halloween cake. Make some orange icing and you’re all set!



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