Maple Bacon Mug Cake

Maple bacon isn’t something that’s particularly popular yet in Australia. But in the US (aka bacon nation) it’s practically a breakfast staple. Pancakes with crispy bacon doused in maple syrup… Mmmmh… It’s probably not for everyone, but for those who love that combination of sweet and savoury, have we got a mug cake for you!

Use our mug cake base recipe, but replace the regular sugar with brown sugar. Add a tablespoon of maple syrup and about 2 pieces of short-cut bacon. Fry the bacon until crispy and mix into the cake batter. Reserve a few bacon pieces if you’d like to use it as garnish on top. We also pour the bacon fat into the cake mixture. Fatty boom batty. But oh-so-delicious.

The end result is a spongey cake with a strong maple syrup flavour (yum) and salty, crunchy bacon bits throughout. Double the yum in a mug.


Ooh yeah bacon baby

Trying out brown sugar!

Bacon into the batter

Ready to go in the microwave!


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