Peanut Butter Brioche French Toast

A little while ago I was looking through some old holiday photos, and I came across a picture of a stuffed French toast from IHOP, taken during my last trip to the USA. I remembered the original was probably more the size of a giant burger, waaaay more than what you’d expect from something that calls itself a French toast. Anyway, it was stuffed with strawberries and some-other-stuff-I-can’t-actually-remember-but-I-remember-that-it-tasted-very-good.

In the interest of branching out from our mug cake routine, I thought about making something like this. So voila, here’s our peanut-butter-stuffed-French-toast.

We used large Brasserie Bread brioche buns with the top and bottom chopped off, and sliced lengthways in half. You need to take off the top and bottom crusts so that the bread can soak up more of the egg mixture. You can use any bread you like, but on this particular occasion, we were trying to create something as indulgent as possible 🙂

To make the egg mixture, lightly mix 1 large egg, 1 tbsp full cream milk, 1 tbsp cream and 1 tsp cinnamon. Tip – if you want it less creamy, you can replace the milk and cream with skim milk, or if you want it creamier, then just use all cream.

Slather the sliced bread with your preferred amount of peanut butter (we used LOTS of course), close the bread together into a sandwich, and put one side down in the mixture. Leave to soak for about 1 minute, then flip to the other side, and leave to soak for another minute.

Meanwhile, heat a frying pan over medium heat, and melt about 1 tsp butter. Carefully cook the sandwich for a couple mins on each side, or until browned.

To serve, we topped ours with maple syrup, a sprinkle of chocolate powder and a little bit of cream. I suggest try some bananas, or chocolate shavings, or chocolate sauce, or even jam.

PS. I guess French toast is more traditionally a breakfast food, but we ate ours as dessert. Try it!

– Nads


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