Chefs Gallery, Sydney

I’ve often had to line up at Chefs Gallery, but it’s still one of my go-to restaurants in the city. Perfect for a quick after-work bite or a pre-movie snack, the roti and dumplings are the most notable dishes here.

One of my favourite dishes is the fluffy Chinese roti with pork floss ($8.90). I can’t get enough of pork floss in general, but the roti itself is also beautiful. It’s not up there with Mamak’s roti canai, but I order it every time I frequent Chefs Gallery.  We also order the roti with egg, shallots and red onion ($7.90), which isn’t quite as moreish as the pork floss alternative.

The other dish that I always order here is the pan fried pork and cabbage pot stickers ($9.90). As opposed to the typical dumpling shape, these pot stickers are in the shape of long rolls, crispy outside and juicy inside.

For the Zha Jiang Noodles with minced pork ($13.90) we choose bian mian – fettucine style handmade noodles. Though it’s tasty, we can’t help but compare them to our all-time favourite knife-sliced noodles at Chinese Noodle House, which is a much cheaper hole-in-the-wall eatery in Chinatown. Another noodle dish we try is the regular handmade noodles wok fried with shredded barbecue pork in soy sauce ($13.90). I probably prefer the latter.

Craving a bit of greenery, we also opt for the water spinach with chilli prawn paste ($15.90). The dish is ridiculously flavoursome, which I’m very pleased about.

The phoenix dumplings – spicy king prawns encased in a pastry with chilli spices & steamed ($12.90) – are a little bit special. The spiciness is just perfect, and I adore the vibrant orange colour. This is also one of Nadia’s favourite dishes of the night.

I keep coming back to Chefs Gallery and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed. Let’s disregard the time I tried those very cute piggy dumplings, which are adorable but don’t taste very good.


Zha Jiang Noodles

Phoenix dumplings

Pork pot stickers

Water spinach

Roti with pork floss

Roti with egg and spring onion

Chefs Gallery
12/501 George St, Sydney

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