Bayswater Diner, Potts Point

Mmmh milkshakes

Mmmh milkshakes

Bayswater Diner is a new eatery in Potts Point, which serves up American comfort food. But unlike a diner, it’s actually a classy, intimate venue wedged underneath Concrete Blonde and next to The Club. The menu highlights are actually the starters, the sides and the desserts. The wedge salad is delicious, the buffalo chicken wings are so awesome, sticky and spicy that we order another round of them. Forego the corn dogs (which are rather tasteless), and instead order the bacon mac’n’cheese. Yum. The onion rings come with a side bowl of honey, which sounds strange but turns out to be quite a good match.

For the mains, our table is pretty unadventurous, mostly opting for the sloppy joes or the pulled pork sandwich, which turn out to be the least enjoyable of the night. They all come with two bowls of sides – potato salad and coleslaw. Both of which are good. I end up barely touching my bland cheeseburger and instead eating my neighbours’ sides. The half rack of ribs are the winning main. Juicy and flavoursome, they’re also the most expensive dish at $35.

But what actually had me ooh-ing and aah-ing that night is the peanut butter lava cake. Oozing with salty peanut butter, encased in a chocolate fondant kind of cake, topped with peanuts and paired with a perfect scoop of vanilla bean ice cream that lies on a bed of crumble. This is my favourite kind of dessert – amazing combination of flavours, textures and easy on the eyes.

Nadia also orders a build-your-own sundae with cookies & cream ice cream, Reese’s peanut butter cups and Maltesers. The bummer is that only the top scoop is cookies & cream, whilst the bottom scoops are plain ol’ vanilla. On the upside, there’s a generous amount of peanut butter cups and Maltesers in the sundae. I do have to admit the peanut butter lava cake is the absolute highlight tonight. I’d come back for it in a heartbeat.

PS. Apologies about the dark photos – the dim lighting at Bayswater Diner is to blame.


Tomato sauce in a tomato!

Tomato sauce in a tomato!


Wedge salad


Wings! ($10)


Onion rings with honey


Pulled pork sandwich or Sloppy Joe – they kind of looked the same, so I’m not sure which one this is! (Both $18)


My burger – sadly disappointing 😦




DIY sundae and Nadia!


Peanut butter lava cake – the highlight of my night!

Bayswater Diner
33 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross

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