New Shanghai, Ashfield


In comparison to the dumpling degustation we did at the Chatswood Chase branch of New Shanghai, the Ashfield restaurant is much less pretentious.

Nadia and I are here for a girly dinner with Miss Dolly Tofu. We of course order xiao long bao. They’re juicy and beautiful. I still prefer Din Tai Fung’s pastry, as it’s much, much thinner. But Miss Dolly Tofu is quite taken by the thicker pastry here at New Shanghai.

Nadia is keen on the pork & chive steamed dumplings. They’re very tasty and packed full of chive-y, porky goodness.

I pick the pan-fried pork buns – and they’re superb. Juicy, tender meat and a delicious soupy broth inside as well. But beware, the boiling hot juices spurt out when you take a bite.

We also try something a little bit different – the stir fried rice cakes with XO sauce & shredded pork, which is the winning dish. Very, very flavoursome and with an amazing, chewy texture, the three of us were praising it for the entirety of the meal.

Miss Dolly Tofu is very happy with her crispy skin duck choice. And Nadia also picks the duck as one of her favourites of the night. I gorge myself on the dumplings and buns instead.

This Ashfield outlet actually feels more authentic, it’s friendlier on our wallets, but on the flip-side the service is quite bad. Miss Dolly Tofu called in a few days earlier to make a booking, but they didn’t have the table available when we arrived. In all honesty, they shouldn’t offer a service for reservations at all if they don’t respect the people who take the time and effort to make bookings.

Regardless, the quality of the food made up for the service. We leave the restaurant in high spirits and I think it’s safe to say we’ll come back.

Steamed pork & chive dumplings

Steamed pork & chive dumplings

Crispy skin duck

Crispy skin duck

Stir fried rice cakes

Stir fried rice cakes

Pan fried pork buns

Pan fried pork buns

New Shanghai
273 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield

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4 thoughts on “New Shanghai, Ashfield

  1. Love the pan fried pork buns at New Shanghai, but have to agree that the pastry at Din Tai Fung is still the thinnest out of all the xiaolongbao places in Sydney…but New Shanghai isn’t far behind and it’s more affordable too!

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